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Soybean isoflavone medicated cosmetic "Sylph " led to ultimateness beautiful skin with enriching and acupunctureThe skin is made to be enriched softly because of the soybean isoflavone mixing, and it straightens it to an ideal fine skin.


Sylph product and golden color secret
The golden color of the product is a primary color of "Beta carotene" that is one of the not the coloring matter but raw materials. The beta carotene is transformed to vitamin A to the extent that the body is necessary in the element included in "Pumpkin" and "Carrot" in man's inside of the body. There is not so much favorable influence when vitamin A is taken too much because it remains in the inside of the body when taking it too much and it doesn't go out. Therefore, a safe, effective beta carotene is used.

Secret of Sylph product "Slowness"
"Slowness" has been put out by using the chemical composition that mixes moisture with oil like the chemical composition and the surface-active agent, etc. of putting out "Slowness" of rich and fresh medicine for a lot of cosmetics. "Slowness" of Sylph has been all put out by a good quality hyaluronic acid. The amount that exceeds the common sense of the industry is used to put out "Slowness" only by the hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid is one of the most excellent ..preservation.. medicines, and it begins to brew enriching to the skin.

The Sylph product is safe.
The coloring matter, the spice (Aroma is omitted), and the chemical compositions such as report) and surface-active agents (thing to mix it the separation of neither = water nor oil) ..rich and fresh medicine (.. are not used at all. In a state that most naturally near, and is effective, we will send it to everybody. As for preservative, stimulation uses the one that it is not strong but is very little stimulation for the skin such as "Paraben" usually used in a minimum amount though it uses the minimum requirement. In the product that doesn't use preservative, rotting is a reality.

The principal ingredient is an isoflavone.
The isoflavone contained in the soybean has the chemical constitution that looks like the female hormone (estrogen), and does a similar working to the female hormone. Woman's beauty is originally drawn out by preventing the skin roughness of the woman controlled by the hormone balance, and it leads from the inside of the skin to soft Hadashiti puffily. Straighten the sebum balance, and to a skin soft ..it is possible to do easily of acne... The soybean isoflavone promotes the generation of collagen, and the acupuncture feeling that bounces from a transparent feeling and the inside to the skin is given. Moreover, the lanugo hair is gradually controlled by the female hormone action, and it leads to the skin with good make-up paste made Tsln.

What is the isoflavone?
The isoflavone is paid to attention by doing working that looks like the estrogen of the female hormone recently.

The isoflavone is a kind of especially a lot of flavonoid included in the soybean embryo bud. At present, 15 kinds of soybean isoflavones that make Daizan and the genistein a representative are confirmed.

The soybean isoflavone sums up the budget of 2.9 million dollars as effective material to the female diseases such as osteoporosis, perimenopausal symptoms, and breast cancers by U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) in 1991 and starts the research of the effect of anti-cancer. Moreover, the research announcement related to the isoflavone come one after another by being able the desire that the isoflavone was the main theme in 'International symposium concerning the geriatric diseases prevention and the treatment of the 2nd soybean' that had been opened in Belgium in 1996.

Secrets of low degrees of incidences such as a Japanese long life, osteoporosis, perimenopausal symptoms, and breast cancers are assumed that it is a soybean isoflavone and researched in Europe and America like this.

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